Use the power of graph technology, to achieve next level data lineage and discoverability in your Domo instance. Find any field, anything, anywhere.

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Have any of these happened to you?

You are successfully democratizing business intelligence. Your users are self serving, and building out their own content to grow your business. AWESOME! There is just one problem. You can't find jack!

Engineering is going to drop a few columns. We need to add 3, rename 4 and change two data types. Oh yea, and the primary key for the users table is going from INT to BIGINT; that won't break anything right?

Hey there! We have 38 beast modes named 'Sales %'... Do you or your team have any idea if they are all the same? Is this one right?

Hey BI, we have 10 datasets with the same name and same inputs, but different owners? They all have a "total purchases" metric, but they are off by 5%. What gives?

Did the new version of that python code get saved from those custom tiles? Can we get that in GitHub?

Warning: You are exceeding your storage capacity limit. You should convert simple dataflows to views, and remove duplicated datasets.


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